Charm Symbolism

There are symbolic meanings for almost everything, and they vary between different cultures and nationalities. See below for the charms we use in our jewelry and their relative meanings.

Anchor - hope, security, stability, grounding 
Arrow – protection of life, power, peace 
Arrowhead – spiritual connection with nature, alertness 
Axe – truth, wisdom, strength, mankind 
Bear – protector, courage, physical strength, leadership 
Bear Claw – strength, resilience 
Bird – freedom, perspective 
Butterfly – souls, transformation, a new beginning, love, joy 
Circle – spiritual, sacred in nature, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, eternity 
Deer Antler – pure spirit, gentle, instincts, enticing lure of new adventures 
Dream Catcher – good dreams pass through the web while nightmares get trapped 
Eagle Wing – pure spirit, view the world from a new higher perspective 
Elk Antler – stamina, dignity, integrity, nobility, vision of fulfilment 
Feather – freedom, spirituality, wisdom, strength, trust and honor
Fern – life, magic, fascination, confidence, secret bond of love 
Flower – love, friendship, affection, accomplishment, sympathy 
Heart – affection, love 
Horse Shoe – luck, protection 
Key – knowledge, mystery, initiation, spiritual power 
Lady Bug – protection, healing, good fortune, grace
Leaf – growth, rebirth
Lotus – purity of the body, speech and mind, beauty, rebirth 
Mandala (circle with geometric design) - used in various traditions as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation. 
Moon – mystery, emotion, immortality, winter and coolness 
Om  the sound of the sacred spiritual symbol in Indic Religions used for meditation. Connect with your inner self and the entirety of the universe.
Owl – an old soul, keeper of ancient wisdom, can feel events before they happen 
Peace – harmony, love for all 
Pine Cone – grounding, Earths energy, enlightenment, eternal life 
Spike – heightened concentration 
Spiral – the consciousness of nature starting from the center and expanding outward; life, creation, birth, rebirth, evolution, awareness, growth
Square – the physical world, indicates north-east-south-west
Star – humanity, divinity, hope, faith, guidance, god, excellence, motivation, magic, fame, and life
Sun – strength, power, wisdom, authority, summer and heat 
Tree / Forest – strength, adaptability, courage, endurance, immortality, enlightenment 
Tree Of Life – connection to Mother Earth, knowledge, wisdom and insight within one's self
Triangle – mountains / triad that makes all existence possible (father, mother, child) / perfectness, unity and importance (the strongest unit)
Vine – connection, eternity, diversity, regeneration, opportunity, fertility 
Wishbone – to make a wish, good luck