Our Story


Tumbled Earth is a collection of handmade jewelry designed and made in Kimberley, British Columbia. From tiny pine cone stud earrings, striking river stone necklaces to bracelets with natural wood, there is something for every nature-lover to adore.


Kara Clarke; CEO of Tumbled Earth

Hey, I'm Kara - founder, designer and CEO of Tumbled Earth Inc. I launched Tumbled Earth in 2013 wanting to create modern earthy jewelry that feels good to the wearer while also being versatile and easy.

I'm inspired by the forest, mountains, rivers, and lakes that surround me. The rustic outdoors is rejuvenating and soul-filling and I wanted to harness that energy and put it into my jewelry. What better way to do that than physically using nature's elements in my pieces? The celebrity component is naturally tumbled stones from the Kootenay River. When you wear a piece of Tumbled Earth, you can feel the organic connection to the land we are all a part of.


When I'm not working in my business (and trust me, I could work all the time because I truly love my job), I'm hanging out with with my family. I have a husband of 15 years, Dave, he's great - he's my best friend. We have two very cool and talented children, Nathan (11) and Marla (9). We love to do everything together - play music in our family band, bike, camp, ski, play board games, travel, golf, cook, geo-cache, watch movies...the list goes on and on. And if I get a moment to myself...I enjoy the quiet to recharge...yoga and meditation.