Jewelry Care

You can extend the life of your jewelry by keeping them dry; do not sleep, shower or swim while wearing your pieces. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.

River Stones - The stones are slightly polished with petroleum jelly to give it that bright wet appearance. The stones absorb the polish and are not left greasy or wet. Over time, the polish wears off and if they are looking a bit dull, just apply a little more. Use a dry cloth to rub away any excess. 

Wood - They are maintenance free. 

Metals - Common metals we use are antique brass, silver, gunmetal and copper which in time can darken due to humidity and your body’s natural chemicals. This will add character to your piece and enhance the one-of-a-kind look. If you want your piece looking fresh and untarnished, use a jewelry polishing cloth. 

Semi-precious Gemstones - They are maintenance free.