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Palo Santo Wood Sticks

Palo Santo Wood Sticks

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Palo Santo in Spanish means "holy wood". It has a subtle woody fragrance with hints of citrus and mint. 

Burning Palo Santo sticks is said to clear negative energy in your home and attract good fortune. It is good for your Root Chakra - balance. It considered a grounding oil, which will relieve stress, fear and anxiety and will replace it with support and acceptance. 

Imported straight from Peru; we go through a sustainable source to acquire these ultra fragrant Palo Santo sticks. They are only harvested from naturally fallen Bursera Graveolens trees, never cut down by force. The village that farms and collects these trees are accredited by the Peruvian Government.

We recommend placing your Palo Santo sticks in an Abalone Shell. They look pretty and protect your table. They are available on our website here.


  • Contains 3 Palo Santo sticks in one package.
  • Light one end of the stick on fire, let it burn a little then blow it out. As it smokes, draw circles in the air moving from one room to another. 
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