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Fuzzy Telephone Coil For Bubble Ponytail

Fuzzy Telephone Coil For Bubble Ponytail

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Achieve the very popular bubble ponytail with ease. The Fuzzy Telephone Coil is the answer! It is designed to hold your long hair in place all day, keeping it tangle free and adding some fun to your look.

How to use:

To start, put your hair in a simple elastic. The coil has a little metal hook on one side, slip it over your hair elastic for start. Next simple take the fuzzy telephone coil and wrap it around your hair working the way down until the entire coil is wrapped. Lastly, gently pull your hair apart in between the coil wraps to create the hair bulge. 


  • Material: resin, synthetic polyester, metals ends.
  • Size: 2.5" coiled
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