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Pineapple Beauty

Hair + Body Mist (4 scents)

Hair + Body Mist (4 scents)

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The most amazing smelling hair and body mist ever!  You are going to want all of them.  Available in four beautiful and sophisticated scents; none of them overpowering.  A lightweight spray you can use post shower or throughout the day for a refreshing scent.  

French Vanilla - a rich and comforting blend boasting a delicate fusion of sweet, buttery undertones with a hint of indulgent elegance.

Red Pomegranatea vibrant and fruity bouquet exuding a refreshing blend of sweet and tart notes that invigorate the senses with a burst of juicy sophistication.

Sweet Gardenia - a captivating blend of creamy sweetness and delicate white florals reminiscent of a blooming garden.

Tangy Coconuta tropical blend of zesty coconut with a refreshing citrus tang offering an invigorating aroma.  Think beach and sun!


  • Safe to use on your hair, skin and on clothing.
  • Alcohol free
  • 170ml
  • Made by S.HE Makeup
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