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Royal Jelly + Vitamin E Facial Serum

Royal Jelly + Vitamin E Facial Serum

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* Anti-inflammatory * Hydrates + Nourishes * Smooths Acne Scars * Anti-bacterial Effect

What is Royal Jelly? It is harvested from the queen cells of beehives and used in facial serums to enhance collagen production. It also eases premenstrual and postmenopausal symptoms and improve overall health.

Royal Jelly slows down premature skin aging, reduces dark spots, minimizes fine lines and combats dry skin

Vitamin E prevents anti-aging, removes dirt, improves dry skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces dark spots, fights against free radicals and prevents sunburn.


  • Non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into skin.
  • Apply a few drops over face and neck before moisturizing each day and night.
  • Best for all skin types.
  • 15ml bottle.
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