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Tumbled Earth Inc.

Shady Grove Necklace

Shady Grove Necklace

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"Shady grove, my little love, I'm bound for shady grove.  You must of named this necklace from that Grateful Dead song.  Well, I love both so much!" ~Julie, BC

There's a lot of beauty and detail in this necklace.  Two river stones, a wood slice, four silver circles, a silver feather charm and antique brass chain all blended together to create a signature piece of art to be worn and adored.


  • Authentic naturally tumbled and hand selected Kootenay River stones.
  • An authentic slice from a discarded branch of a Pine tree.
  • The wood slices are hand cut and sanded.
  • Necklace length - 30" No clasp; fits overhead.
  • Pendant length - approximately 4.5"
  • All chain is strong soldered links.  
  • All metals are hypoallergenic; lead and nickel free.
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